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Import Regulations for Used Japanese Cars in Tanzania

  • Inspection:

    EAA Inspection is mandatory.

  • Right Hand Drive:

    Only RHD vehicles can be imported.

  • Age Restriction:

    There is no age restriction for used cars import in Tanzania, but the tax rates are higher for vehicles more than 8 years old.

  • Required Documentation:

    Title and Registration, Commercial/Purchase Invoice, Driver's License & International Insurance Policy (Green Card), Bill of Lading, Taxpayer Identifier Number Certificate (TIN).

Import Duty:

  • All vehicles: 25% of customs value (CIF)

Excise Duty by Engine Size (Engine Displacement):

  • Engine size not exceeding 1000cc: None
  • Engine size 1000cc - 2000cc: 5% of CIF + Import duty
  • Engine size exceeding 2000cc: 10% of CIF + Import duty

Excise Duty by Age:

  • Used cars aged 7 years or less : None
  • Used cars aged 8-10 years old: 15% of CIF + Import Duty
  • Used cars aged 11 years and older: 30% of CIF + Import Duty
  • Buses aged 5 years or older: 10% of CIF + Import Duty


  • Customs Value (CIF) +import Duty+ excise Duty +18% of total accumulated

Destination Ports:

  • Dar es Salaam
  • Zanzibar

Note: Only Container shipment is available for Zanzibar Port. Import Duties may vary for vehicle delivery to Zanzibar Port.