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JAAI for Sri Lanka

As per the directions and requirements of the regulatory authorities in Sri Lanka, the pre-export roadworthiness inspection carried out by JAAI for Sri Lanka will include Odometer Verification along with physical inspection.

Pre-Shipment JAAI certification is mandatory for vehicles entering Sri Lanka, otherwise there will be a penalty to be paid on port.

Inspection Charges:
For Vehicles up to 660cc: ¥7,560 ($67 Approx.)
For Vehicles above 660cc: ¥9,720 ($86 Approx.)
Odometer Verification Charges are included in Inspection Charges.

AHJ Services of JAAI Certification for Sri Lanka

Auction House Japan provides complete and top quality services of used automobile imports. We keep our customers away from major hassles of importing used Japanese Automobiles and provide the services of inspection and clearance from JAAI as per the standards set by regulatory authorities of Sri Lanka.