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Schedule & Cautions March’18- April’18

Orix, to make the experience of the customers worthwhile and to serve them in the best way possible, we have ruled out a set of information and cautions. We strive to enhance the buying experience of our customers by providing them with a hassle-free and transparent buying experience.

A tender bidding meeting is not merely a bidding method, it refers to the highest bid there is which is more than the minimum bid price.

At present, we offer following facilities to our customers,

- Preliminary search
- Absentee application
- Successful bid management
- Quote search
- Accountant/Document information

The minimum bidding amount is set to be from minimum 10,000 yen. The bidding time is set to be 15:00 a day prior to the bidding day and 2:30 on the day of bidding. The reception hours are set to be 09:00 to 13:00 on the day of holding. The expiration date is set to be within 4 business days.

About Orix

Orix is gaining ground and proving as a milestone not only in Japan, but all across the globe. With its spectacular services, timely delivery, vigilant inspection and transparency, it is becoming the foremost choice of customers. Orix deals in a huge variety of leased and rental vehicles, from motor-bikes to heavy vehicles such as trailers. They enjoy a leading position in automobile leasing.