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Schedule & Cautions January - February

Logico Universal Market (LUM) drives attention in making the buying experience of our customers transparent and safe. They are known as the preferred choice of people looking for a good quality car, we have ruled out a set of information and cautions. We strive to enhance the buying experience of our customers by providing them with a hassle-free and transparent buying experience.

A tender bidding meeting is basically the highest bid, which is higher than the minimum bid window placed on the vehicle.

At present, we offer following facilities to our customers,

- Preliminary search
- Absentee application
- Successful bid management
- Quote search
- Accountant/Document information

The minimum bidding amount is set to be from minimum 10,000 yen. The reception hours are set to be 06:00 to 12:30 on the day of holding. The expiration date is set to be within 4 business days, however, we observe an off on the opening date, holidays, Saturday and Sunday.

About LUM

Logico Universal Market (LUM) possess unmatched expertise in expired lease cars of Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service, majority of which belonged to one owners. The auction house is famous for providing highest quality cars to customers to provide them with the best quality car free of all faults and complaints. The auction house is maintained properly and is vigilantly structured to provide a clean environment for the car, along with interval inspections to cross check reliability and efficiency.