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Schedule & Cautions February - March

IPA focuses all attention in making the experience of our customers pleasant and worthwhile. To help our customers enjoy a safe and transparent buying experience, we have ruled out a set of information and cautions.

A tender bidding meeting refers to the highest bid which is usually more than the minimum bid price. If a number of people bid, the winning bid is the bid which is placed earlier. At present, we offer following facilities to our customers,

- Preview search
- Bid application
- Absentee application
- Successful bid management
- Quote search
- Accountant/Document information

The minimum bidding amount is set to be from minimum 10,000 yen. The reception hours are set to be 06:00 to 12:30 on the day of holding.

About IPA

Inspire Partners Auctions (IPA) covers a vast area of the market in Japan and offers the members and dealers four venues all across Japan and globally. The auction house fosters a friendly and clean environment where buyers can personally visit and search for their desired car from the vast variety. They maintain their reliability and credibility as the most reliable and preferred auction house, making it the most visited and admired auction house in Japan.