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Schedule & Cautions February - March

Nissan Plazasol, NPS, deals in highest quality Nissan vehicles. NPS serves its customers with the best hands-on experience and providing them with an excellent condition car. We have put forth a brief set of information so that our customers can be guided accordingly.

A tender bidding meeting is basically the highest bid, which is higher than the minimum bid window placed on the vehicle. The highest bidder wins the bid. If there are several, the one who placed the bid earlier will win.

At present, we offer following facilities to our customers,

- Preliminary search
- Absentee application
- Successful bid management
- Quote search
- Accountant/Document information

The minimum bidding amount is set to be from minimum 10,000 yen. The reception hours are set to be 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturday on the day of holding. The expiration date is set to be within 4 business days. We shall announce the bid results on our website around 16:00 to 17:00 on the day of the auction.

About NPS

Nissan Plazasol (NPS) provides the customers with highest quality Nissan automobiles. The auction house covers a vast area of Japan and holds auctions in 7 venues at different locations in Japan. The auction house offers easy transportation of vehicle and is the main reason why the auction house enjoys a huge crowd on site.