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Implementing at 28 venues this week

The auction schedule from 02/25 (Monday) to 03/02 (Saturday) is as follows:

-The JU auction is scheduled to take place at 02/25 (Monday) at JU Tokyo. Auction scheduled at JU Saitama, Shizuoka, Mie, & Yamaguchi will take place on 02/26 (Tuesday). Auction scheduled at JU Akita, Ibaraki & Kumamoto on 02/27 (Wednesday). Auction is going take place at JU Fukushima, Gunma, Kanagawa, Aichi, Hiroshima, & Miyazaki on 02/28 (Thursday). Auction scheduled at JU Hokkaido, Niigata, Tochigi, Chiba, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, & Okinawa on 03/01 (Friday). Auction scheduled at JU Yamanashi, Nara on 03/02 (Saturday).

About JU

JU Auction House is one of the most famous auction houses in Japan. JU works earnestly in developing and implementing policies to make the buying and selling process hassle free, transparent and safe. JU fosters a safe and transparent arena in which members can bid on their favorite cars without any fear. JU has been functioning for past several years fulfilling the needs of buyers of high quality used cars. The process at JU is very simple. Buyers search for their desired car from the diligently inspected stock, place a bid on their favorite car, fulfil the payment requirements and the car is delivered to their requested port in due time. JU has focused special attention on fostering sound development of automobile security in terms of buying experience, delivery of money, car delivery, etc.

- Arai Auto auction is scheduled to take place on 02/28 (Thursday) at Arai Koyama.

About Arai Auto

Arai Auto has been operating for several years and have become a prominent provider of high quality used Japanese cars. The auctions are hosted seven times a week in four venues worldwide. Trading more than 8,000 vehicles a week, Arai is a very trustworthy name in auction.

- CAA auction will take place on 02/26 (Tuesday) at CAA Tokyo.

About CAA

CAA has focused stringent attention and efforts in raising the quality of buying experience and enhance the convenience of auctions. Endless efforts have been made to optimize the opening hours for the convenience of our customers.

-TAA auction is scheduled to take place on 02/26 (Tuesday) at TAA Shikoku, southern Kyushu. TAA Auction is scheduled to take place on 02/28 (Thursday) at TAA Hokkaido venue.

About TAA

TAA is a well-known and most preferred choice of buyers who wish to buy a high quality used Toyota car. Toyota Auto Auction, commonly known as TAA, is very stringent in the implementation of safety rules and policies to ensure a safe and transparent buying experience. Buyers place their bids without the fear of losing their money. TAA is famous for selecting those venues which are very popular and easily approachable by dealers and bidders, increasing the number of dealers and bidders by a huge extent. TAA makes sure the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and ensured that it is free from all sorts of external hazards, accidental damage etc. This helps developing a strong trustful relationship with the customer.

- Bay Auc auction house has scheduled an auction to take place on 02/27 (Wednesday) at Baok.

About Bay Auc

Bay Auc is one of the well-reputed auction houses in Japan offering high quality and credible cars to buyers from all across the globe. Bay Auc has a very strict inspection process and the details list along with the car is much elaborated. The idea is to flourish a transparent and safe buying experience. It is also one of the most well-managed and timely auction house.

- Auction is scheduled to take place on 02/28 (Thursday) at KCAA.

About KCAA

KCAA offers high standard cars to dealers in Japan and other countries of the world. They are currently offering three venues to dealers interested in regular auction exhibitions of top quality cars. Moreover, they provide all relevant information of the cars to buyers at the time of auction.