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JEVIC/VCA for Malta

As per the directions and requirements of the regulatory authorities in Malta, the pre-export roadworthiness inspection carried out by JEVIC and SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) inspection by VCA for Malta will involve physical inspection and documentation checks along with Odometer verification for the vehicles falling under categories mentioned below:

1) Vehicles for transporting goods not weighing more than 3.5 tons Gross Vehicle Weight.
2) Passenger vehicles used for carrying up to 8 passengers.

Note: The vehicles with mileage stated inaccurately at the time of auction will not pass the Odometer verification.

The vehicles meeting the above criteria will get the certification. The certification is mandatory for clearance in Malta, otherwise there will be a penalty to be paid on port.

JEVIC Inspection Charges: $250
SVA (VCA) Charges: ¥ 4500 ($40 approx.)

AHJ Services of JEVIC/VCA Certification for Malta

Apart from a highly efficient and technically advanced quality control system, Auction House Japan facilitates its customers even further in terms of quality assurance and ease of import. For this purpose, Auction House Japan provides used automobiles that are certified by the inspection agencies recommended by the authorities of the importing countries, ensuring that the aspects to be inspected before shipment are covered and the required certification is provided to the customers.

For the customers based in Malta, Auction House Japan provides the services of inspection and certification from JEVIC/VCA as per the standards set by regulatory authorities of Malta.