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Auction House Japan provides the most economical shipment routes by shipping from multiple ports in Japan. We offer RORO and Container Shipping options, utilizing the containers space to the maximum to reduce shipment costs to destination ports in Lesotho. The customers of Auction House Japan in Lesotho are able to get the most economical and quick shipments owing to Auction House Japan's collaborations with major shipping agencies and the presence of shipment experts in its team.

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The above image is a demonstration of vehicles arranged for RORO shipments which is a comparatively more economical method than container shipment.

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The picture demonstrates a container stuffing option for vehicles. There are more options to utilize subject to the size of vehicles to be shipped.

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Auction House Japan can ship your vehicle to Durban Port, South Africa using both shipment methods i.e. Container Shipment and RORO with the best shipping lines and routes available.

Timeline of Vehicle Shipment and Delivery

  • Vessel Booking

    1-2 Weeks

  • Shipment

    32 Days

  • B/L Delivery

    Upto 12 Days

  • Delivered to Port

7 to 8 Weeks Process (Estimated)