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Import Regulations for Used Japanese Cars in Ireland

  • Age Limit:

    No Age Restrictions.

  • Right Hand Drive:

    Import of right hand drive vehicles is permitted.

  • Inspection:

    All used cars that are 4 or more years old will go through an inspection at NCT (National Car Testing). The certificate issued will be valid up to the scheduled date for the next inspection. The cars up to 10 years old have to be inspected every two years whereas cars older than 10 years have to be tested every year.

  • Documents Required:
    • Title and Registration Certificate
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Irish Customs Form 1076
    • Vehicle Ownership Document with Owner's Name, Engine and Chassis Number

Duties and Taxes:

  • Customs Duty: 10% of CNF
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): 21% of CNF
  • Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT): Based on Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of the vehicle

Destination Ports:

  • Dublin