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Japanese Used Cars Auctions Online


How to Order


You don’t have to be an expert at bidding to get started. We’ll make sure that through our proficient assistance and proactive guidance, you are able to put your best foot forward and have a wonderful car purchasing experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

01Register For Free

Register with us for FREE by filling out a member registration form. Fill out your basic information and you will be provided with a dedicated access to AHJ from where you can monitor and control your bids, auctions, deposits and payments.

02Security Deposit/ Initial Deposit

You are required to make a fixed security deposit before participating in the auction process. AHJ cannot start the bidding process without the payment of security deposit.

*The security deposit is refundable. In case you are unable to make a successful bid, it will be refunded in full. However, with your consent this amount can be reused for future bidding on another unit.

03Start Bidding

You are now ready to start the bidding process. As our registered member, you will place the bid on our website and our agents will bid on your behalf during the live auction process. At AHJ, you will only have to pay for the successful bids.

04Auction Result

You will be notified of the auction result through your AHJ area.


After the invoice has been sent to you via email, you can pay us through our available payment options within the time frame specified on the invoice.

The total price is calculated based on the original price of the car (determined at the auction house), FOB and/or C&F.

06Shipping and Documentation

After confirmation of payment as per the agreed payment plan, we will start the shipment process. We will dispatch the required documents through courier services when the payment has been received in full. After that you are ready to receive your vehicle at your port. The documents include:

  1. Export Certificate
  2. Bill Of Lading
  3. Final Invoice
  4. Marine Insurance (if required)
  5. Inspection Certificate from Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) / Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (JEVIC) and other inspections (if required)

07Pick your Vehicle

Pick your vehicle from your selected port. Make sure to bring the documents along for a smooth process.