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Why Customers from FIJI Prefer Auction House Japan?

  • Thoroughly Inspected Cars

    We physically inspect cars before bidding ensuring that their condition is the same as stated in the auction sheet.

  • Best Price Guarantee

    We offer the lowest service charges to our customers and there are no hidden charges.

  • Quick Shipping

    Through our association with leading shipping companies, we are able to offer fastest shipping to Fiji.

  • Largest Network

    We are associated with 145+ auction houses in Japan which allows us access to more than 145,000 vehicles on weekly basis.

  • 24/7 Available Customer Support

    Our dedicated account managers are always available for the help of our customers at every step, from bidding to safe delivery of the vehicle.


I have been working with AHJ from a long time and now I am a platinum member too, AHJ offers me special priced cars, free E-commerce website and many more perks to boost up my business.

Vijay Singh -
Nissan X-Trail

Being a dealer, I regularly import around 15 to 20 vehicles in a single order. I have taken the Gold Membership package from Auction House Japan and they give me good discounts and services on all purchases.

Bryan Kendrick -
Subaru Forester

I was a little nervy because I was buying a car through auctions for the first time but AHJ provided an excellent service. They helped me buy a well maintained car of reasonable price at the right time.

Lote Smith -
Honda Insight

I had a wonderful first experience with AHJ. I bought a car for my Dad. Since it was my first experience I was a little worried but AHJ delivered everything on point. I'm very grateful to them.

Joseph Delai -
Toyota Sai

I just want to thank AHJ and its exceptional staff for providing me a fabulous service. You made the whole process so easy for me. The car I've received is well maintained and is in sound condition.

Avinesh Tiwa -
Toyota Wish

This was the first car I bought through AHJ. The process was fast, easy and transparent. The website is well designed and AHJ's team really know their work. Keep it up AHJ.

John Gosling -
Toyota Hilux

I have been very delighted with the first deal made with AHJ ever since that I always consult them whenever I and my family needs a car. Best option in terms of service, price and quality.

Laisa Trey -
Toyota Corolla Axio

AHJ is a well-run auction. I always come out and look for cars here. I'm very satisfied with all 3 cars that I've purchased through AHJ. The sales person are very corporative and polite and they suggest you the best cars.

Davindra Lal -
Toyota Corolla

I have enjoyed an extremely positive relationship with Auction House Japan and would not hesitate to recommend them. I have been delighted with the speed of the transactions. I look forward to growing my relationship with Auction House Japan in the future.

Robin lockhart -
Nissan X-Trail

Auction House Japan made it more feasible for me to buy the vehicles through auction. There are many cars on there in a very good condition. For somebody looking for a car and trying to save some money, Auction House Japan is a very feasible option.

Epeli Luveni -
Toyota Prius Alpha

If you don't understand how car auctions work just call Auction House Japan or get yourself registered. They do such a great job at explaining everything. The website looks nice and so easy to navigate.

Zayn Yee -
Honda Insight

I am glad to have received my new car within the promised time and in a very good condition. This would not have been possible without AHJ's assistance. The staff is very corporative and active. Keep it up Auction House Japan.

Sandy Tuwai -
Toyota Sai

I've been looking for various options to get a used car, Auction house japan is the best among all in terms of security and price. I received my car last week and it was in a great condition. Thank you Auction House Japan.

Millie Jeet -
Toyota Camry

There were no delays or hurdles along the process. I got my car shipped to me in time. The drive is great, condition is the same as mentioned to me. You have made a loyal customer and have my trust.

Waisale Tuqiri -
Nissan X-Trail

I am very happy with my car and the support I received from Auction House Japan in the complete process. These guys really know the processes well and can help in making the purchase and import as economical as possible.

Nikhil Maharaj - Toyota Prius