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Provides Inspection and Certification from VCA

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About VCA

VCA is an executive agency of Department of Transport of United Kingdom and provides services of type approval and certification of all types of vehicles. VCA has offices located in UK, North America, Brazil, Japan (Asia Pacific), Korea, China, Italy, Malaysia, India and Australia.

Transport of United Kingdom

VCA Inspection

The vehicles are subject to a number of inspections and checks to check if their performance and specifications are as per the requirements of the regulatory authorities of importing countries. The services of VCA are divided into following categories:

  • Vehicle Type Approval
  • Legislation
  • Fuel Consumption and CO2
  • Vehicle Importing
  • SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) scheme developed in collaboration with Maltese Government for vehicle import in Malta.


Countries Where VCA is Recommended

Auction House Japan only facilitates its customers with required certifications from Japan. We do not issue these certifications on our own and/or anyone’s behalf. Every certification agency/company listed on our website is a separate entity of its own.