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Pre-Shipment Inspection

When purchasing a used car, there always have to be a standard for the car to meet, especially when you are importing. Pre-shipment inspections and certifications provided by renowned inspection companies allow the buyers to be sure of what they are purchasing from overseas.

Benefits of Pre-Shipment Inspections

The first benefit, and a major one is that the quality of the car will be up to the mark. All inspection companies take all those aspects into account that are highly relevant to the performance and appearance of the vehicle.

Secondly, every country has a set of standards in place that allows only those vehicles that meet those standards. Pre-shipment inspections make sure that the vehicle is in conformity with the regulations of the destination country. The standards set by the countries are generally different for each other and the inspection companies like JEVIC, JAAI, QISJ, VCA, EAA and Intertek provide customized inspection for each country to ensure vehicle’s conformity with the laws and regulations of the destination countries.

Auction House Japan’s Inspection Support

Auction House Japan provides special service of pre-shipment inspections, done by one of the leading inspection companies as per the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the client’s country. The customers are not required to contact the inspection companies and fulfill their requirements, Auction House Japan provides fully inspected and certified car for the customers belonging to countries with inspection requirements.