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Benefits of Translated Auction Sheet

Online car auctions have made it excessively easy for people to buy used cars online. However, the question of what exactly are you buying remains, because of the inability to physically see the vehicle. Luckily, Japan's inspection system is very thorough and gives you a fair insight of the condition of the car through auction sheet.

Each car listed at the auction has an auction sheet attached to it, with various characters representing the condition of the car. If you are new to the car auction system, you might have difficulty finding out the exact bargain you are getting yourself into.

Auction House Japan provides a complete translation of the auction sheet, so you can know precisely what the condition of the vehicle is down to the last scratch.


  • S New
  • 5 Same as New
  • 4.5 Excellent grade with almost no issue
  • 4 Great grade with minor issues only
  • 3.5 Good grade with some issues that may need repair
  • 3 Average grade with issues to fix
  • 2 Bad grade
  • 1 Engine swap or has been under water
  • * Non running car, needs a forklift to be moved.
    But also mentioned for any motorbike or machinery
  • R or O Accident history repaired. Repaired parts are mostly informed
    on auction sheet
  • RA Minor accident repaired (core support or back panel only)
  • RB Heavy repair (till inner panel or floor)
  • RC Pillar or frame has been changed/repaired
  • R2 Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issue
  • A Excellent interior condition
  • B Good condition with some imperfections
  • C Good or average condition with imperfections
  • D Bad interior conditionly rust or corrosion issue
  • AScratch marks on the vehicle
  • UDents present on the vehicle
  • WWavy patch due to previous repairs
  • XReplacement of Panel is required
  • XXPanel has been replaced
  • YDamaged front or rear lights
  • C/SRust or Corrosion on the car
  • X/GChips or Cracks on the wind screen
  • 1 Minor, almost not noticeable (eg A1, U1)
  • 2 Small but noticeable (eg A2, U2)
  • 3 Average or big (eg A3, U3)
  • Big (Japanese kanji for "big")

So for instance A3 means average or big scratch, U1 stands for tiny dent, AU1 for tiny dent with scratch, S大 for heavy rust.

  • SR Sunroof
  • AW Alloy Wheel
  • PS Power Steering
  • PW Power Window
  • カワor革 Leather Seats
  • TV TV
  • ナビ Navigation System
  • エアB Airbag
  • Manual F5, F6, MT, 5MT, 6MT
  • Auto AT, FA, FAT, CVT

Example of Translated Auction Sheet

Japanese version of Auction sheet

AHJ Translated Auction Sheet

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