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8 reasons for buying your next vehicle from Auction House Japan instead of stock.

Accurate Information of Vehicle

Many exporters show a large number of cars in stock on their websites, but they are not actually there and the information about the vehicles is manipulated. Whereas in auctions, the cars are there and with authentic information about the condition of the car.

Freshly Added Cars

The cars are listed regularly for auction which means you will be buying a fresh car. If you are buying from stock, you cannot be sure about the time it has spent on the dealer’s yard, it can be months or even years; for fresh cars, buying from auction is the best option.

Lower Prices than Stock

The cars bought from auction are cheaper as compared to stock. Cars in stock are expensive because dealers keep huge margin and include the costs of keeping stock on yard. If you buy from auction, you know the winning bid and the commission being charged to you.

No Tampering in Odometer

There are a lot of examples of dealers tampering with the odometer to hide the actual mileage of the car, so you end up purchasing a car at a price well above its worth and also suffer losses due to higher maintenance costs. Cars listed in auction houses go through proper inspection and their odometer readings are real so you know the real mileage of the vehicle.

Auction Sheet

No surprises when buying from auction as you get to see the inspection/auction sheet before bidding. Auction sheet provides independent analysis of every aspect of the car available for auction, even minor details including each and every scratch.

Transparent Prices

The prices of cars bought in auction are very clear, you can bid for a car as per your budget and also estimate the average bidding price of desired vehicle. You can easily add the freight and customs charges to estimate how much a particular car will cost you before you bid for it.

More Options

Cars in stock of a particular dealer can be very limited, leaving you with no choices. Buying from auction lets you choose from over 145,000 vehicles added every week.

Buyers Safety

All those involved in used cars auction and export process are accountable and the market in Japan overall is trustworthy. Stock dealers from various regions around the world cannot be held accountable as they are not regulated by any authority or association.