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Japanese Used Cars Auctions Online


What is Online Auto Auction?

Not a long time back, people looking for used cars from auctions had to visit the auction sites physically, wait for the category of their choice, bid manually and repeat the process until they land up with a car. But now, due to the presence of online industry, the importers don’t have to go through this process physically as they can access the auctions online through services providers.

Online auctions save you from a lot of complications and troubles, as understanding the auction procedures is not an easy task. Firstly, there are a lot of auction houses in Japan, and the auctions are categorized on regional and other basis, with specific times scheduled for each. A person cannot be practically present at all auction sites and can miss out on ideal cars.

Through online auction services, you can be assured that none of the cars that falls into your desired category is not completely missed out, whereas the personnel responsible for bidding on your behalf are well trained specifically for this job so you can get the best used car based on your criteria. Moreover, the bidding management system developed by ‘Auction House Japan’ ensures that the process is flawless and convenient for you.

Understanding the Auction Sheet

Auction sheet is an exceedingly important and reliable document that provides complete information of a unit (car), covering everything from scratches to major dents and is created by an independent authority providing an unbiased assessment of the car.


Find Used Car
that you

  • SNew
  • 5Same as New
  • 4.5Excellent grade with almost no issue
  • 4Great grade with minor issues only
  • 3.5Good grade with some issues that may need repair
  • 3Average grade with issues to fix
  • 2Bad grade
  • 1Engine swap or has been under water
  • *Non running car, needs a forklift to be moved. But also mentioned for any motorbike or machinery
  • R or OAccident history repaired. Repaired parts are mostly informed on auction sheet
  • RAMinor accident repaired (core support or back panel only)
  • RBHeavy repair (till inner panel or floor)
  • RCPillar or frame has been changed/repaired
  • R2Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issue
  • AExcellent interior condition
  • BGood condition with some imperfections
  • CGood or average condition with imperfections
  • DBad interior condition
  • 1Minor, almost not noticeable (eg A1, U1)
  • 2Small but noticeable (eg A2, U2)
  • 3Average or big (eg A3, U3)
  • Big (Japanese kanji for "big")
  • So for instance A3 means average or big scratch, U1 stands for tiny dent, AU1 for tiny dent with scratch, S大 for heavy rust…
  • SRSunroof
  • AWAlloy Wheel
  • PSPower Steering
  • PWPower Window
  • カワor革Leather Seats
  • TVTV
  • ナビNavigation System
  • エアBAirbag
  • ManualF5, F6, MT, 5MT, 6MT
  • AutoAT, FA, FAT, CVT


Below are examples of the auction sheets used by the main auction houses with the key areas translated into English.

  • haa-kobe-image


  • caa-kobe-image


  • ju-aichi-image.png

    JU Aichi Auction

  • ju-gifu-image

    JU gifu

  • uss-auction-image

    USS Auction

  • zip-auction-image

    ZIP Auction

  • laa-auction-image

    LAA Auction

  • ryutsu-auction-image

    Ryutsu Auction

  • ju-auction-image

    JU Auction

  • arai-auction-image

    Arai Auto Auction

Bidding Results

    When you bid for cars in a Japanese used car auction, the possible outcomes of your bid can be:

Bidding Outcomes

  • You purchase a car matching your budget or close to it.
  • Car purchased by someone before you in the auction.
  • The bids do not reach the reserve price set by sellers.
  • A passed vehicle sold after negotiation on price.
  • A vehicle removed from auction by the seller during the process.


  • SOLD
Auction House Japan only facilitates its customers in getting used cars from auction houses in Japan. We do not hold auctions on our own and/or anyone’s behalf. Every auction House listed on our website is a separate entity of its own.