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Why Customers prefer Auction House Japan for purchasing vehicles from AICHI AUTO AUCTION (AAA)?

  • Lowest Price Guarantee. Get your used vehicle from Aichi Auto Auction in Japan and avoid all middlemen charges in between saving up to 15% cost.
  • Quality Control. Before bidding on any type of vehicle on your behalf, our inspectors physically inspects the car and prepares a report.
  • Freshly Added Vehicles. The vehicles are listed regularly for auction from Aichi Auto Auction which means you will be buying a fresh car. If you are buying from stock, you cannot be sure about the time it has spent on the dealer's yard.
  • Quick Shipping. Through our association with leading shipping companies, we are able to offer fastest shipping to .
  • 24/7 Available Customer Support. Our dedicated account managers are always available for the help of our customers at every step, from bidding to safe delivery of the vehicle.

Aichi Auto Auction, operated by Aichi Toyota Motor Corporation, is mostly the market of car dealers where dealers from Japan and all over the world actively participate in the auction exhibitions on regular basis. This auction house is highly popular among dealers due to their easy and simple auction process, where one can get hold of any vehicle they like within seconds of time. AAA always have come up with effective and efficient auction techniques as they consider the time of their consumers and bidders very precious. This is what makes them different from their competitors.

Auction Number of Units * Day
Aichi Auto Auction 4,300 Tuesday

* This is an estimated number of fresh units listed each week in respective Aichi Auto Auction.

AAA have always come up with effective and efficient auction techniques as they consider the time of their consumers and bidders very precious. Below are the details of its auction hall:

  • Auction House
  • Day
  • Address
  • Aichi Auto Auction
  • Tuesday
  • Aichi Prefecture Yamamoto Yoshioki 1-100
  • View Detail

Auction inspection sheet serves as an efficient way to provide future buyers with a clear image of a car’s condition.

AAA Auction sheets are the first point of inspection when selecting your used car for purchase. The Auction reports are produced by professional inspectors employed by the auction house, independent of us, your export agent, and the seller of the vehicle in question. They can give us fairly good idea of the condition, history and market value of specific vehicle before the auction commences with basic information.

  • If the Vehicle has any crash history
  • First registration date of the vehicle in Japan
  • Any dents or scratches on the vehicle, rated in severity
  • Actual chassis number
  • Any rust or corrosion on the vehicle
  • Complete interior condition of the vehicle
  • Any engine noise or transmission problem
  • Oil leaks
Auction House Japan only facilitates its customers in getting used cars from auction houses in Japan. We do not hold auctions on our own and/or anyone’s behalf. Every auction House listed on our website is a separate entity of its own.