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Corporate Philosophy


Our Mission is to provide potential customers of used cars with good quality Japanese cars directly from auctions at a minimal price.


We intend to educate the pursuers of used cars around the world regarding the ease and affordability of used cars. As a leader in the used car industry, we aim to expand the market of used automobiles worldwide and continue to lead the industry with quality of service.

Our Core Values

Our core values form the basis of our Mission Statement. All our collective and individual actions are driven by these values, which are knotted together and compatible with each other.

  • integrity INTEGRITY We uphold our moral principles of honesty and truthfulness. This is evident in each and every action we take.
  • gratitudeGratitude We value our customers to the maximum and put their satisfaction on top of our priority list. We ensure the provision of best quality and impeccable service to our customers to promote a customer-driven corporate culture.
  • collaborationCollaboration We have always given importance to strong ties among the partnering businesses. We ensure smooth cooperation and communication within the company and with our business partners.
  • accountabilityACCOUNTABILITY We are a responsible organization and consider it our duty to ensure top quality of service regardless of external factors. Customer’s ease and satisfaction is our top priority and we make sure that it is achieved at any cost.

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President’s Message:

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We started our company with the sole purpose of creating differentiation on the basis of superior services and affordability of options provided to our valued customers. Pursuit of this objective was full of challenges, but we overcame the hurdles with flying colors and a lot of lessons for the future.

We have not changed our beliefs or our objectives and still strive to improve the services that we provide to our customers.Today, we can proudly say that we have achieved great respect in the market and the customers’ rate our services as one of the best in the industry. Our customers can be assured of even greater things from us in the future as we continue our struggle for perfection.