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Why Customers from Singapore Prefer Auction House Japan?

  • Thoroughly Inspected Cars

    We physically inspect cars before bidding ensuring that their condition is the same as stated in the auction sheet.

  • Best Price Guarantee

    We offer the lowest service charges to our customers and there are no hidden charges.

  • Quick Shipping

    Through our association with leading shipping companies, we are able to offer fastest shipping to Singapore.

  • Largest Network

    We are associated with 145+ auction houses in Japan which allows us access to more than 145,000 vehicles on weekly basis.

  • 24/7 Available Customer Support

    Our dedicated account managers are always available for the help of our customers at every step, from bidding to safe delivery of the vehicle.


I received my car yesterday and I absolutely love driving it. It is great, the condition is good and I am very happy with the overall purchase. Thankyou AHJ.

Lee Ong -
Honda Accord

Excellent job in finding the right car for me, the vehicle is in good shape and I am loving the drive. Very smooth, engine is in good health, I am satisfied with the condition of the car.

Mark Tan -
Toyota Crown

The car is good on fuel, engine is in good health. The interior and exterior is good, it is used but does not feel like it, so I am generally very happy about the car. Thankyou team of Auction House Japan.

Feng Haije -
Toyota Corolla Fielder

Thankyou team for getting us a really good used car. We were looking for reconditioned cars for a while and we are very happy to have found this service. Received a great car through them. Highly recommended.

Jack Lim -

The car is as good as new, my wife was not in favor of used cars, but AHJ did such a good job that now she wants to use their services in getting a car as well.

Chen Wengyong -
Honda Civic

My experience with Auction House Japan was great, I bought two cars, for me and my wife. They got both cars at great prices and charged us a bare minimum for the services. Thankyou AHJ for the remarkable service.

Aaron Pang -
Toyota Crown

Awesome service by Auction House Japan. I got my car well on time and in the same condition as it was promised by the team of AHJ. Thanks AHJ. I will suggest your name to my close friends.

Adrian Lai -
Honda Integra

Nice, clean and good condition car. Does not feel used. Exterior is not rough and is exactly how the team mentioned it was in the auction sheet. Thank you team AHJ.

Vivian Cruttwell -
Honda Civic

I received by car safely last week at the port. The documents were complete, making my custom dealings easier. Thankyou auction house japan for helping me get such a decent used car from auction.

Hugh Neo -
Nissan Note

Hands down the best service in the industry. Thankyou AHJ for getting me the car of my choice. You guys did a remarkable job in sending me the car that fits my need the best.

Nanxing Ong -
Toyota IQ

Keep up the good work guys, I am happy I found the service. Really efficient and super-fast. Thank you for getting the perfect car for me. Definitely recommend it, low service charges and easy process.

Chin Ming -
Audi TT

I am super excited about my new car. This is my first ever car and I am glad I decided to buy a used Japanese car. Auction House Japan helped me a lot, their service is great. Thank you for getting me a good vehicle.

Pierre Gong -
Suzuki Jimny

My wife is very happy with the car I got for her, wouldn't have been possible without the help of the friendly team at AHJ. Everything was smooth and easy. Received the car without delays, in the same time they mentioned.

Felicia Eric -
Honda Integra

What a service! They have a very professional, friendly and humble team who are available 24/7 to help you out with the same zeal. I am so impressed. I was skeptical in investing online but I'm glad I took the leap! Love the car you have sent me.

Dylan Wayne -
Suzuki Alto

I have no words that justify the working of Auction House Japan. I would have not believed that such a perfect service exists before I got the car from them myself. I am wholeheartedly thankful to them.

Faith Soh -
Toyota IQ

I am very pleased with the efforts of Auction House Japan and their team. They helped me find a perfect car for myself and were very quick at shipping it to my destination port.

Daniel Yeo -
Mitsubishi Lancer