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As a member of all major auction houses in Japan, we can help you purchase a vehicle directly from Japanese auction houses and offer cost savings on direct imports for car dealers or individuals.

  • More Options: Cars in stock are limited, but auction houses in Japan list more than 145,000 used cars on a weekly basis.
  • Transparency: No surprises when buying from the auction as you get to see the inspection/auction sheet before bidding.
  • Lower Prices: The cars bought from an auction are cheaper as compared to those bought from stock. That’s because stock dealers keep huge margins and include the costs of keeping stock on their yard.
  • No Tampering: Cars listed at auction houses go through proper inspection and their odometer readings are real so you know the real mileage of the vehicle.
  • Buyers Safety: All those involved in Japanese used car auctions and the export processes are accountable as the auction market in Japan is trustworthy.

Transparent, Secure,
& Easy Auction Process

Follow these easy steps for an ultimate car buying experience:

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    Register with us for FREE by filling out a member registration form.
  • Auction 02 Access AHJ
    After the registration is completed, you will get access to AHJ.
  • Card 03 Deposit
    Deposit is needed to bid at an auction. TT & Bitcoin Payments are acceptable to make a deposit.
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Auction House Japan ensures that there is no risk for the customers, financially and in terms of vehicle quality and shipment hassles. Our perfect system ensures top quality on every step of the process from bidding to shipment, with the presence of certified and experienced inspectors that ensure that our safety and quality standards are met.

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Buyers of used Japanese cars don’t have to deal with shipping agencies anymore, as Auction House Japan provides the most affordable and swift shipment options due to its collaborations with major shipping companies. We ensure that the shipment process is quick, secure and hassle-free for our customers.

Fast Shipping

Online Auction Service allows you to get the most suitable car for your purpose, selected amongst a large number of auctions held in Japan. Our representatives bid for the cars matching your requirements at a number of auction sites, ensuring that you get the best possible car and a perfect deal. Which is then shipped to you following a smooth process.

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